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The challenge for our leaders is to craft policies that promote investment in infrastructure that will replace much of the current system that is at the end of its useful life.

Are We On The Right Track For Resolving The Immigration Problem ?

Discrimination, Divisiveness, Hatred, Bigotry; Is The Discussion Overcooked?

Are You Pleased With The High Costs Of Adequate Medical Care Insurance?

Do We, As Individuals, Perform Enough Small Acts Of Kinndness To Others?

So Is This A Hokes Or Not?  Does Anyone Really Know?

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Not For All......WHY?

Are You Pleased With Our Schools Being Out Performed By 15 Other Nations?  How About Our Underpaid Teachers!

If You Are Happy With Our Economy, Then You Should Try To Keep It.  Right?

So Who's Right, The Second Amendment Or The Families Of Mass Shooting Victims?

A Tough Argument But Can Two Opposing Positions Both Be Right?  ​​

Who Are The Most Impressive
Politicians In The Nation?

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